Membership Details

Membership Details

YMCA Web Site – our website includes program information, special events, and many other great features.  Be sure to check the site often for news and updates.

Nationwide Y Program – The YMCA Nationwide membership program enables you to visit any participating Y in the United States through membership at your “home” YMCA (your home location is the facility that enrolled you as a member and that collects your membership dues).

Free Programs – Take full advantage of the programs offered to members for free.  These classes include: HIIT, Yoga, Les Mills BodyStep, Les Mills BodyPump, PiYo, Hip Hop, Zumba & Zumba Gold, WAR, Silver Sneakers, Aquacize, Stretch.

Full Facility Privileges – Cross train or have fun by using all of the amenities at the Clearfield YMCA. We have a swimming pool, racquetball courts, gymnasium, fitness center with Olympic weights, sauna, rock wall, game room, summer camp program, and locker rooms.

Unlimited Visits – Come to the YMCA as often as you would like.  We open at 5:30 am weekdays and are open Saturdays and Sundays also.

Convenient Monthly Bank Draft Payment Plan – The most desirable way to pay for a membership is monthly. The monthly amount is electronically deducted from you bank account and transferred to the Y.

Reduced Fees for Programs – Members receive a discounted program fee on classes that have an additional charge.  They also receive discounts on party rentals of the pool, rock wall, or gymnasium.

Computerized Key Pad Check-in – No need to carry a membership card. Just enter your member Id on the key pad and come on in.

Volunteer Opportunities  – Get Involved, make more friends, and have fun by helping with your community YMCA.  Do you have a special skill that you would like to share? How about helping with special events? Would you like to serve on our Board of Directors or serve on a committee?

Membership Policies & Guidelines

Expected Behavior. All members and program participants are expected to behave in a manner in keeping with the mission and goals of the YMCA. Participants may have their privileges suspended by staff for misconduct. Examples of misconduct are: use of foul and/or abusive language, fighting, abuse of equipment or any behavior that threatens the safety, welfare, and enjoyment of other members. PROFANITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Please report any misconduct to staff on duty.

Smoking is not allowed in YMCA facilities or on the grounds. Consumption or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is not allowed. People exhibiting evidence of such influence will be denied entry and will be required to leave the premises.

Please be considerate of other members during peak hours or when others are waiting, and follow the 30 minute limit on cardio equipment. Wipe down equipment with the cleaning solution and towel provided. Re-rack weights and return dumbbells, medicine balls, etc…to where they were taken from.

Accidents/Insurance.​ Members and program participants are responsible for providing primary accident and sickness medical insurance. The YMCA DOES NOT provide this type of coverage for members or class participants.

Clothing. Members and program participants are expected to wear clothing appropriate for the activities in which they are participating. Shirts must be worn at all times, except in the gymnasium, pool, and locker room areas. Participants must wear closed toe, athletic shoes. Black soled shoes are not allowed on any hardwood floors.

Personal Property. The YMCA urges members to lock their possessions in a locker and to avoid bringing valuables to the Y. Although the YMCA IS NOT responsible for personal property of members or participants, we will do the following to help:

  • Lost Property. Any items found or turned in will be placed in lost and found. The Y will attempt to locate any missing item reported; however, it is not the responsibility of the YMCA to safeguard its keeping. Items will be donated to charity after 1 week.
  • Stolen Property. The YMCA is not liable or responsible for property stolen or otherwise unaccounted for. In the case of theft, we will assist members in reporting the theft. Removal of YMCA property or the property of members without permission will result in immediate termination and possible legal prosecution.
  • Leaving Property at the Front Desk. Please do not leave property of any value at the front desk for any reason. The Y cannot be held responsible for this property.
  • Items Left in Lockers. Lockers not rented with locks left on overnight will have locks clipped off and contents removed. Items removed will be placed into lost and found for 1 week and then donated to charity. However the YMCA is not responsible for any property removed from lockers and cannot guarantee its return to the owner.

Locker Rooms. Children age five and under may use the locker room of the opposite gender when accompanied by an adult. Children six years and older must use the gender appropriate locker room. Do not leave belonging on benches, put them inside a locker. Video recorders, cameras, cell phones or any other visual recording devices are not allowed. Some lockers are available for overnight rental.

​Food and Beverages. Do not take food or beverages other than water into locker rooms, fitness center, gym, swimming pool, racquetball courts, rock wall, or other activity areas.



Care of Facilities and Equipment. The facilities and equipment of the YMCA belong to the membership and are a resource of the community. Repairs required correcting damage to facilities or equipment resulting from abuse will be at the expense of the individual or group causing the damage. Please report any unsafe condition immediately to staff on duty.

Youth Members. The YMCA’s goal for youth is to provide a stimulating, structured environment where children can learn lifelong values and a healthy lifestyle. All children 7 years and under must be (1)escorted by a parent at all times while in the Y or (2) in an organized Y program. In the Fitness Center, concern for safety is of utmost importance; therefore, all youth less that 12 years are not allowed. Teens 13 – 15 years of age must have a signed parental consent and be accompanied by an adult to use the Fitness Center. Teens 16 – 18 years of age must have a signed parental consent, however can use the Fitness Center on their own.

Music. Due to the offensive nature of some music, music projection devices are not allowed in activity areas such as gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness center, etc…except by the YMCA. Personal listening devices with headsets are recommended.

Starting an Exercise Program.​ We recommend that all members consult with their physician prior to beginning an exercise program. Be sure to begin moderately, work consistently, and avoid any activity that causes pain or discomfort. Report any dizziness or severe pain immediately to a member of the staff.

Sauna. Use should be limited to 20 minutes at a time and should follow vigorous exercise by at least 15 minutes. Individuals under medication, with high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular disease or who are pregnant should consult with their physician prior to use. Those under 17 are not permitted to use these areas for their own safety. Bring a towel into the sauna to sit on. Reading materials must be taken with you when finished using the sauna to avoid fire. Do not leave articles of clothing in the sauna to dry. Water may be ladled onto the sauna rocks. No more that 1 ladle every 5 minutes to avoid the risk of electrocution. Shower after using.

Exits. All exits other than the entrance/exit on N. 2nd Street are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Membership privileges may be suspended for usage violations.

Racquetball Courts. When playing racquetball, eye guards should be worn at all times for your own safety. Tethers should be attached to rackets and around the player’s wrist.

​Swimming Pool. Do not run on the decks. Diving is prohibited in the shallow end of the pool. Starting blocks are for swim team use only. No flips from poolside. Return pool equipment to the appropriate container. Circle swimming and sharing lanes is required for lap swimming. The lifeguard has the authority to ask participants to leave who are not following general rules or are acting inappropriately. Follow all orders from the lifeguard in case of an accident.

Photos. ​While at the YMCA, its representatives and employees have the right to take photographs of participants while at the YMCA or participating in a YMCA activity.  The YMCA will use such photos for lawful purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content with or without the participant’s name.

Member’s Health. The member represents that he/she is in physical sound condition and understands that weight training, aerobics, and other exercises that may be performed carry a potential risk or injuries.

Member Conduct and Right to Use Facility . The member agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the YMCA and failure to act in accordance with the rules may result in expulsion from the YMCA and cancellation of membership. No refunds will be granted.

Code Of Conduct

The Clearfield YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members and guests.  We ask individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in our facility. We expect persons using the Y to behave in a mature and responsible way and to respect the rights and dignity of others. Incidents reported will require action to be taken to ensure the comfort of our membership.

Nationwide Membership Program


  • Valid for active, full facility YMCA members
  • Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time
  • Program-only participants and special memberships are not eligible for Nationwide Membership
  • If you have known periods of seasonal travel (when you will not be using your Home Y at least 50% of the time or will be a resident of another area for more than 28 days), you will need to place your Home Y membership on hold or cancel it, and join the Y where you will be living for that time period.  Please plan ahead, as it may take several weeks to place your account on hold.
  • If you are a college student, you will need to join the YMCA where you usage is 50% or greater.  Nationwide Membership is based on individual usage not the family unit.  Most Ys have a young adult or college membership option or you can ask about the financial assistance program.  Most YMCAs require a photo ID for all visitors.  Please bring a photo ID with you for a seamless customer experience
  • You may be asked to sign a waiver when visiting other YMCA locations.